Chain of Lagoons & Seymour

This region of the east coast sits between Falmouth & Bicheno and offers long stretches of pristine beach. Chain of Lagoons has a series of Lagoons running behind the dunes and is a popular area with campers and holidays makers during the summer months. The camping ground is quite large and provides free camping with some toilet facilities available.

The properties at Chain of Lagoons are either established large farms or exclusive lifestyle properties including many private waterfront acreages.

Seymour is a headland that contains several shacks and homes belonging to a diverse range of people.

This area was to be used as a deep water port in the early 1900's but that never eventuated. Today the locals enjoy swimming, fishing, beach walks, birdlife and many natural features that Seymour has to offer. Sitting only 15 minutes from Bicheno, Seymour is very quiet during winter and a great place to getaway from the pressures of town.