Selling Advice

“Choosing Your Agent”

You should always interview your agent, to ensure you are choosing the right agent to represent your property.

Questions you should ask:

  1. Does the agent have sales experience? How long have they been selling real estate?
  2. Do they have a successful sales history in the area? Make sure they can provide you with recent examples.
  3. Do they have extensive knowledge of the local area?
  4. Are they a good negotiator? How can they demonstrate this to you?
  5. Can they provide you with testimonials to provide a third party opinion of their success as an agent?
  6. What evidence and knowledge of similar sales in the area have they used when advising you on an expected sales price for your property?

Selling your home can be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Who you choose to trust to manage this                      process, can make a big difference in attaining a successful outcome.

If you are confident in your agents answers  to the above questions and you believe you can trust them to handle the marketing and selling of your valuable asset then you should appoint them to list your property for sale.

The staff at Surf Coast Realty have extensive sales  experience, consistent sales record, a broad range of  testimonials and great local knowledge covering over 30 years in the area. Who better to promote the area than you local agent.